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    Expresso :: Branding

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    Expresso : Branding

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    Expresso : Branding

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The Expresso product is a chocolate-coated espresso ball that melts in boiling water. It is meant for the worker on the go who doesn’t have time to dilly-dally in the local coffee shop. Equipped with one shot of espresso for every Expresso ball. Expresso makes it easy to add multiples in your coffee cup for that extra amount of boost in your day.

TARGET: Young professionals who enjoy coffee but don’t have the time to sit down to enjoy a cup during their long and fast-paced work day.

: Branding

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Created for the Tufts communications department for an event called “Race, Place, Are We So Different?” This event was held at the Museum of Science, Boston. Unfortunately this particular comp was not chosen for the event.
* I changed this poster design after the event happened to increase the communication of the piece.

INTENTION: Poster comp for Tufts CTSI communications department.


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This was a collaboration between myself and a fine artist/craftsman from New Hampshire.

APPROACH: The goal was to design a portfolio website showcasing Tom’s work in a fashion that mimicked his fine collaged paper drawings and mosaic pieces, while putting his work at the forefront of the design.

PROJECT: Web Design

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The aesthetics of the illustrations come from a style similar to the designer Seymour Chwast and Illustrator Heinz Elderman. Elderman is the artist who brought the Beatles to life in the
Yellow Submarine animation and Chwast started Push Pin Studios in 1954. With their design style in mind I was able to illustrate each layer in this piece. I used the rotation tool in Adobe After Effects to animate each layer.

APPROACH: to animate the Robert Frost poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay to communicate the ever changing nature of life in a day.

: Motion Graphic